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A Message from our CEO


Hi, I am Roger Longwell.

It is a pleasure to introduce you to the World of Sinks product collections and pholosophy.

With the fast moving pace in today’s business world and the ever changing décor arena, it was obvious to me something was needed for the average home decorator that signified a major change in how we view the bathroom and sanitary areas in all building projects.

So with this in mind, I want to start a movement from utility thinking to décor thinking in kitchens, bathrooms and businesses. My first step was to find a product that was innovative, future changing, creative and functional, yet with enough pizzazz to have an everlasting effect on decorating.

In 2004 while attending the Las Vegas Surfaces Market I came across a small assortment of bath and kitchen sinks And it became apparent to me the new direction in which I would go, and so the World of Sinks was manifested as the company to kick off a décor change the United States has never seen  The concept was to design around these colorful sinks,  In other words, our sinks are the FIRST thing thought of, NOT the last thing thought of. Our bath vessel sinks have a “wow factor” that will change your life in bath design and décor. With that said, here we go, have fun and be part of the exciting life of Roger’s World of Sinks!


Thanks so much,

Roger A. Longwell